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Queen Blessing Odegua Itua

Chief Wellness Ambassador


Women/Youth/Children Advocate

Actress – Model – Producer – Author – Speaker

Wellness & Beauty Empowerment – Lifestyle Management




To be your true partner in inspirational wellness and inner true beauty

To promote behavioral lifestyle modification awareness initiatives to communities worldwide via multimedia approach, preventive medicine, chronic disease prevention to WINNING Global Wellness



To inspire families to equip our young generation early in life for a healthier world

To provide timely inspirational wellness strategies and practical steps to assisting individuals who genuinely desire to live healthier lives



To empower women, young women, children, and their families with practical healthy behaviors and lifestyle management that build a wellness culture

To inspire mothers to embrace their motherly roles as the breast milk-bread maker of the home to step up, cultivate healthy habits by example, empower, and educate their young children/youths, especially the girl-children who are our tomorrow’s mothers starting from infancy for the children’s sake and a healthier future for us all.


• Inspirational Wellness Empowerment Author-SpeakerSONY DSC

Women-Young Women/Children Advocate
• International Celebrity Health Coach
• Lifestyle Management & Image Consultant
• Public Health Promotion Practitioner
• Biochemist – Fitness Nutrition Specialist
• Natural Medicine- Doctoral Candidate
• President/Founder, Global WIN, LLC
• MD/Chief Wellness Officer of Global Wellness (WIN FIT LIFE)


Queen Blessing earned Biochemistry degree in Nigeria as well as Management and Master of Public Health degrees in the United States. She specialized in holistic wellness & inner true beauty empowerment, lifestyle management, fitness nutrition, and cancer research. Committed to ongoing professional development and her passion for holistic wellness, Blessing is presently a Candidate for Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine, Quantum University.
Blessing is currently participating in the National Institute of Health (NIH) funded cancer research pilot study with Morehouse School of Medicine where she assesses the lifestyle modification needs and experiences of African- American breast cancer survivors to establish baseline dietary intake, physical activity, cancer risks behaviors, etc.






Blessing is widely respected as the ‘go-to’ International Celebrity Whole Wellness & Inner True Beauty Expert in the wellness and beauty industry. She is a state board licensed master beauty expert, specialist in maintaining and improving a healthy beauty from within. Her clients not only loose pounds of fat and restore their health, but the women also enjoy improvement in their image and flat abs after babies; hence they call her “The Fabulous Abs Doctor”.

Given the severe public health risk posed by physical inactivity, poor dietary intake, poor lifestyle, and preventable chronic diseases; Queen Blessing educational background in biochemistry, fitness nutrition, public health, and cancer research ignited her passion for lifestyle modification aimed at chronic disease prevention.

Following her experience as an actress, Queen Blessing’s field of focus is wellness empowerment and preventive medicine. Through multimedia approach, she brings inspirational global wellness empowerment series, practical prevention strategies, and public health promotion education to communities worldwide.

In addition, Blessing serves as an International Advisor and a Health Coach for Honorable Senator Donzella James, District 35, Georgia State.


Queen Blessing is an International High Level Profile Health Coach. Queen Blessing is seen here working out with the First Lady of Mozambique


Queen Blessing’s dedication to inspiring others to wellness motivated her to create Global Wellness Empowerment, also known as Global Wellness Inspired Network For Image Transformation and Lifestyle Improvement & Fitness Empowerment (Global WIN FIT LIFE). It is a Global Wellness Empowerment Movement for Winning Life. Global Wellness mission is “Winning Wellness for Prevention & Cure, and it is dedicated to chronic disease prevention and global wellness promotion”.



Queen Blessing is dedicated to humanitarian efforts. Through Winning Global Wellness – Prevention Awareness Campaigns, she actively participates in community health fairs, wellness seminars, History Makers Training Godly Wellness Ministry, etc.

In addition to being well educated, Queen Blessing is very dynamic. She has had the privilege of working out with the first lady of Mozambique; she has worked on the First Woman President of Morehouse, Dr. Rice Montgomery Fitness Challenge as a fitness coach, she has also collaborated with a Harvard trained Morehouse School of Medicine Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kpodzo on wellness boutique. Blessing continuously works with many high level dignitaries, celebrities, and professionals as well as other individuals who are really serious about making real lifestyle changes for optimum wellness.


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While Queen Blessing consistently motivates individuals to take personal responsibility for their own health, she however firmly believes that women hold the key to global wellness. Through her fitness guidance and inspirational wellness speaking engagements, Blessing has facilitated many women to relearn healthier lifestyles strategies that help them to build self-esteem and self-love. She empowers all women to take proactive steps to cultivating healthy habits for their own health and that of their families, especially their children.

For her inspirational wellness empowerment success, Blessing offers the inspirational – Exceptional 10 “E’s” to Engage, Empathize, Enhance, Enlighten, Encourage, Empower, Enable, Educate, Enrich, and Establish daily healthy habits. Together with Blessing’s excellent holistic approach through engaging strategic activities that address the whole body, mind, and spirit, her participants are able to gain insights to connecting with their inner consciousness and wholeness for greater wellness. Using the phrase, ‘when God is in it’, she has mastered the act of helping individuals look within them for God-given inner strengths.


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Queen Blessing is on a mission to empower families and equip our young generation early in life for a heathier world. She advocates early childhood wellness education necessary for cultivating a culture of wellness early in life. However, she encourages the girl child wellness empowerment because the girl child of today is the woman, the mother, the nurturer, and ‘the milk-bread maker’ of tomorrow. Women play a crucial role and hold the key to winning global wellness. Queen Blessing focuses on encouraging all women regardless of their status, to step up and to lead by example as well as take proactive action in curbing unhealthy lifestyles that put our children, ‘the future generation’ at risk for preventable chronic diseases.
Queen Blessing firmly believes that winning a fit life is reachable irrespective of size, age, color, gender, class/status, and fitness level, by cultivating self-discipline, determination for healthy fitness, sound nutrition, positive altitude, personal development, self-esteem improvement, mental understanding, readiness, and willingness to lifestyle modification and behavioral change critical to maintaining optimal health.

Queen Blessing Odegua is a proud, fit, and fabulous mother of 4 wonderful children.


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Blessing is a Zumba instructor.

Her passion for fitness moved her to creating her own cardio fitness that is more than just a dance: Afrosa – Winosa Wellness. Queen Blessing is energetic, loyal, honest, and she has an absolutely infectious smile.


Blessing is a member of the prestigious organizations, including: American Association for Cancer Research, Nigerian Women Association of Georgia, and African Women in Leadership Organization.


Queen Blessing Odegua is also an Actress. In addition to being the Associate Producer for the feature film, “Skinned”.

She has been seen as an extra on the Hollywood Anchorman 2 – soul train scene and VH1 Single Ladies.

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Queen Blessing has been seen as a Fitness-Fashion Model, in the Jamaican Gleaner News runway from Afro-Caribbean Fashion Affair Cabaret. Queen Blessing firmly believes that being able to showcase our rich cultural diversity through fashion & fitness is truly a Blessing! Get healthy and shine!

Fitness-Fashion model (as seen on the runway Jamaican Gleaner News, hosted by a Fashion Affair: Afro-Caribbean Fashion Cabaret).

“Showcasing our rich cultural diversity through fashion & fitness is Blessing”

Fashion & Healthy Fitness…..Being able to showcase our rich cultural diversity through fashion & fitness is truly a Blessing! Get healthy and shine!





For Whole wellness and inner true beauty success, Queen Blessing has instituted the following movements/campaigns:
1. Celebrating My Originality: My Uniqueness is a Blessing, for her Loving My True Skin, Real Secret to Winning True Beauty Series.
Many of people see skin bleaching as a choice, hating of one’s skin color, and refuse to see it like it really is a mental illness that deserves an urgent attention. There is a dire need for health and wellness initiatives that focus on self-love and self-development as well as family, community, government, and leadership involvement.

2. Inspirational Wellness: Greater Wellness Empowerment, for her Women Wellness Empowerment, The Secret to Winning Global Wellness Series.


Picture of Book Dying inside: Loving your true Skin by Queen Blessing Odegua Itua

Queen Blessing is a Publisher/Editorial Director; she has authored:

Women Wellness Empowerment, the first on “The Secret to Winning Global Wellness book series as well as Dying Inside, Loving Your True Skin which is the first of the series “The Real Secret to Winning True Beauty”.

Her ultimate goal is to continuously use the multimedia approach to bringing preventive wellness awareness message and expertise to communities worldwide.