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  • January 31, 2015 in Book Releases, True Beauty

    » Book – Dying Inside: Loving Your True Skin by Queen Blessing Odegua Itua


    Queen Blessing Odegua Itua
    ISBN # 978-0-97863154-1-1

    TRADE PAPERBACK – $19.95
    EBOOK – ISBN # 978-0-97863154-2-8 / $5.99

    “An inspirational and powerful book!”

    National – Queen Blessing Odegua Itua, has recently published Dying Inside: Loving Your True Skin, (Global WIN, LLC,).

    In Dying Inside: Loving Your True Skin, Queen Blessing Odegua Itua’s book empowers and inspires us, through self-love, to keep our perfect skin color and celebrate our beautifully made, individual uniqueness, and brings attention to the hidden, deleterious, toxic chemicals found in many skin bleaching/skin lightening products.

    The book, which is being released February 7th in Los Angeles, is being featured in the film “Skinned”, premiering at the Rave 15 Cinemas, 3650 West Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, February 7, 2015, through the 23rd Annual Pan African Film & Arts Festival (PAFF), in the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza Mall, February 5-16. In the films television show and inspirational Wellness Empowerment Session scenes, “Dr. Blessing” provides timely and critical information for everyone on skin lightening products, even those who have never used bleaching creams. Through the empowerment session the participants are encouraged to cultivate an appreciation for ‘self’.

    Despite the detrimental consequences of using bleaching creams, the hard truth is that most people don’t know the adverse health effects of most skin lightening products; they actually deny its use, making the dangers even more difficult to address. After all, people cannot change what they do not acknowledge.

    Queen Blessing, a former victim of the skin bleaching practice has tackled the problem head on with a no-holds barred expose written to inform all who have used or considered using the many dangerous products in a quest for self-beautification and higher self-esteem. Skin bleaching has become an epidemic of many people of various non-white cultures worldwide. The inordinate desire to lighten the skin tone has blinded them to the toxic ingredients and the detrimental health consequences of use, including increased risk for cancer.

    Emmanuel C. Bernards, President, HSE Development Services Inc. Houston, Texas states: Wow, Queen Blessing! I am deeply humbled by your boldness and courage in sharing your personal experience with skin lightening; many people who use skin lighteners almost always deny its use. Thanks for inspiring us to focus on Self-wholeness, Self-respect, Self-worth, Self-confidence, Self-love, and Self-esteem enhanced with optimum health. You have definitely turned your challenges into wisdom and words of inspiration and empowerment through your book, ‘Dying Inside: Loving Your True Skin'”.

    Queen Blessing earned a Biochemistry degree in Nigeria as well as Management and Masters of Public Health degrees in the United States. She specialized in Holistic Wellness Promotion, Lifestyle Modification, Fitness Nutrition, and Cancer Research. Her field of focus is preventive medicine, incorporating public health education and lifestyle modification strategies to restoring wholeness in all aspects of well-being. Committed to her ongoing professional development and her passion for holistic wellness, Blessing is currently a Candidate for a Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine, Quantum University.

    Blessing is currently participating in the National Institute of Health (NIH) funded cancer research pilot study with Morehouse School of Medicine, where she assesses the lifestyle modification needs and experiences of African-American breast cancer survivors, as well as examines secondary datasets to establish baseline dietary intake, physical activity and cancer risk behaviors.

    Queen Blessing is dedicated to humanitarian efforts. Through Winning Global Wellness – Prevention Awareness Campaigns, she participates in community health fairs, wellness seminars, History Makers Training Health Ministry, etc.

    In addition to Dying Inside: Loving Your True Skin, Global WIN, LLC has published Women Wellness Empowerment, the first title from Queen Blessing’s Secret to Winning Global Wellness Series.

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