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    for Greater Wellness and Disease Prevention


    WIN FIT LIFE is an acronym for Wellness Inspired Network For Image Transformation Lifestyle Improvement & Fitness Empowerment

    Wellness Inspired Network Fit Life (WIN FIT LIFE) is a division of Global Wellness Empowerment that uses public health wellness education and Godly inspiration for optimum wellness.

    WIN FIT LIFE uses the proper view of our bodies along with lifestyle management to achieve a vibrant health.
    It is critical to know the proper way of training and the type of exercises for your body type. WIN FitLife customizes your fitness & nutrition program based on your unique genetic profile & fitness goals; science & technology in the form of organic nutritional supplements as well as Healthy view & use of food just the way nature intended for it be.

    Equipping you with the proper knowledge of food and the way the body metabolizes the food we eat along with positive altitude will help you to not only achieve a fit life, but WIN over whatever it is that is contributing to abuse of food and self.

    The contributing factors to the neglect of self or abuse of food could include: Depression due to a host of different mental, emotional, and psychological, turmoil and Abuse as a result of poverty/disparity, uneducated/uninformed decision, etc.

    Target Audience and Objectives

    WIN FIT LIFE focuses on educating and empowering the global women, including the African American and the African women, mothers, and their families to leverage the health disparity via lifestyle modification and media using fun and easy to comprehend awareness messages for greater wellness and chronic disease prevention.

    Our Utmost Priority

    To help you break free from dependency on unhealthy way of life including Yo-Yo Dieting, Starvation, Unhealthy Weight Loss Formulas, Magic Shapers/Girdles (instant gratification), and unrealistic model image, or hyped-up infomercials as we equip you with easy to follow step-by-step weight management strategies that will walk you through every step that you need to win your weight loss goal and maintain it forever.

    Fitness Nutrition

    Fitness Nutrition is a vital part of the exercise daily routine. Our professional, Specialist in Fitness Nutrition will provide individualized Fitness nutrition as based on the client’s unique genetic and metabolic profile.

    Incorporating Good Nutrition, super healthy powerful foods plays a very crucial role in not only achieving, maintaining, and winning a healthy fit life, can together with exercise program help turn your body into fat/calorie burn piece of machine long even after workout and at rest!

    You have to train your body to work well for you when you need most….for example, those days/times you are really pressed for time and cannot absolutely workout, at the buffet, reduce immunity due to illness, etc.


    WIN FIT LIFE offers real personalized, comprehensive Weight-Loss Package for vibrant health and greater wellness!

    1. Individual/ Partner/Family/Friends Wellness

    (Offers education and training to promote individual change in knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behavior through a comprehensive Individualized Weight-Loss Package
    A healthy lifestyle and ongoing wellness coaching is a comprehensive 12 week Balance Program designed to help you learn how to make sustainable behavioral lifestyle changes, nutritional counseling, for faster weight loss result and weight management. The session is once a week physically, virtually, or over the phone.

    a. Community Wellness
    It is much safer to support individuals to inculcate healthy habit that prevent diseases, promote healthy behaviors than curing the already sick or overweight. Healthier individuals are more effective at developing and deploying their talents, getting jobs, finding housing or participating in the community in other ways.

    b. Corporate Wellness:
    Some employers are conscious about hiring people who are obese or overweight because they miss too much work which ultimately raises the cost of insurance premiums. We have a solution, through our workplace corporate programs; we will motivate your employees to take action to improve their own health. We will show them how to manage their stress well and how they live.

    c. Health Ministry Wellness:
    Praise Aerobic Wellness for Churches good for everyone of all ages regardless of Backgrounds & fitness level

    What is in the Programs:
    An interactive education, Genetic Testing, personalized exercise plan, and personalized nutritional plan.

    * A comprehensive 12 week Program Ideal for those seeking individualized attention, accountability, challenge, support, and a healthy lifestyle change through ongoing intense wellness coaching, personalized fitness nutritional support, and an exercise program that target problem area.

    Introductory Price: $1000/12 week program (Regular price is $1200).
    $100/person/session, $80/person/partner training/session, $60/person for a family or friends of 3 or more/session

    ***Price varies from region to region, depending on mode of training and connection, how many times/week, session duration, and on the number of people per session.

    Contact us via email for corporate rates, community group rates, or sign up to become a member or partner in wellness

    Fitness assessment and Body Fat Analysis is OFFERED ONLY FOR PHYSICAL one-on-one or group sessions.

    2. AfrOsa – Winning wellness for prevention & Cure
    Two-tracks: Godly Wellness and Global Wellness

    Your ultimate fat-burning program that is much easier and more effective than just dancing.

    I love Afrosa, my real secret to staying and remaining fit. I am so happy to share my secret with you, let Queen Blessing’s high energy move you to fitness and greater wellness.

    To help you, your family/friends/community/company build a culture of wellness, please contact us via email to take advantage of our healthy makeovers and programs that is designed just for you!


    YOU ARE NOT ALONE! WIN FIT LIFE is A TRUE LEADER in Healthy Weight Management
    • We provide you with the education and support, and attention of a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition & Fitness Professional Coach who is available to help you every step of the way
    • We pay attention to issues influencing the health of the community including the social challenges faced by people at risk for unhealthy lifestyle and chronic diseases.
    • We pay attention to Personalized Exercise Prescription with Fitness test analysis/assessment.
    • We conduct your Genetic Profile Testing for Better, Faster, More Effective Weight-Loss Management Results, and Customized Exercises & Nutrition program as well as remove Guess Work as you focus on ACHIEVING REAL WELLNESS RESULTS. Your unique Genetic makeup profile analysis will help you to make individualized personal training needs; and Nutrition program customized for your body type, needs, age, sex, fitness level, and genetic profile results

    This unique & complete approach is what makes WIN Fit Life a true Leader in healthy weight management, lifestyle Improvement customized to target and supplement your unique needs as you boost the your immune system & Fight Free Radicals with authentic organically formulated for optimal health

    Sign up to learn about

    • Nutrition Labels
    • Portion Control
    • Dining Out
    • Healthy Meal plans
    • Grocery Shopping Basics
    • Kitchen Detoxification
    • Individualized Fitness Nutritional assistance

    Nutritional Supplement, Vitamins, and Detoxification Products

    1. Nutritional Fruits & Vegetables on the go & Supplements
    2. Meal Replacement Bars
    3. Whey/Soy Protein Bars & Shakes

    To Order Supplements and all these products listed above, please visit

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